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Twins      Also see Triplets (Parenting of Multiples) Multiple Trends   (Apparel & gifts) Trade/buy/sell items for twins/triplets
Busystork  (Online parent group) Multiples & Twins Shopping Triplet and Twin Club
Chronic Fatigue Syn/ Filbromyalgia Nat'l Online Fathers Of Twins Club Twiced Blessed (Hard to find gifts)
Double Blessings Parents Of Multiple Birth Assoc. Twin Research at the Univ of Conn.
Duchess Jewelry  (Michigan) Parents of Multiples Twinless Twins
Facts About Multiples Parents Of Twins And Triplets Twins & Triplets  (Themed jewelry)
Fraternal Twins Parents Place Twins 101
Int'l Society for Twin Studies Personalized Gift for Twins Twins Magazine Bookshelf
Largest European Triplet Assoc. Some Twin Homepages Twins Resources
Mad About Multipes  (Clothing) Teen Parents to Two Or More Twins List
Marvelous Multiples The Center for Study of Multiple Births Twin Stuff
Mothers of Twins Clubs.Inc. The Int'l Twins Association Twins World
Multiple Sclerosis Twin Studies

Free Stuff & Coupons for Multiples

Carnation  (Formula coupons) MJ (Enfamil/Prosobee)   (Formula/coupons)
Earth's Best   (Baby food coupons) Ross Labs (Similac/Isomil )   (Formula)
Gerber   (Formula & coupons)